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Day 1 Paleo.

So its only been half a day, but mentally I am feeling so good already! Just knowing that a change is here is refreshing. I just need to stick with it!

My wife is at the lets wait and see how you do stage, she’s heard it all a hundred times LOL.

2eggs and some sausage for breakfast


sausage,tomato, onion mix for lunch.

banana snack.


ok, so I made dinner for the family cut our what I couldnt eat. Had some chicken wings with salt pepper and ginger seasoning and lots of peas.

Got hungry around 10pm just a tad, really mentally hungry because I normally eat at night when kids are all asleep and I finally have quiet time on teh tv before bed. So I sliced up half a tomato with pepper and a sprinkle of salt and a giant glass of water. Was good actually! Normally I have left overs from dinner, or chips. Not anymore!

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