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WOW! Update 3.22.17

Source: WOW! Update 3.22.17



Well I have to admit after some more research, the things I have read that make the most sense to me and seem to fit a lifestyle that I am comfortable and capable of doing to eat healthier without “cheating” probably fall between the Paleo and the Primal diets. I really think The primal with 80% stick to it, and 20% leeway for some other foots is really what gets me excited. Then if I’m out and really want that piece of pizza or two or a beer every now and then  I dont have to fret about it and think i’m off the diet! It’s really going to be a way of life, not a diet with rules.

My mindset has already been changing this last week as I have been learning about these different ways of living. I know i’m mentally pumped up, but lets see how 21 days of this goes before I get over excited. But boy am I xcited to start and keep it going!

The only sugar craving I honestly had yesterday was at 11pm when  Pepsi commercial came on. The crack of the can, and the AAHhhhh got me, i’m not gonna lie, but immediately after that I realized that I am not tricked any longer. The life ling diet of carbs, sugar, and everything fried and fatty is coming to an end! I know the cravings are coming, lets see how it goes!

Today’s breakfast 2 eggs over easy and a piece of Kielbasa I had in fridge. It was amazing of course. We really haven’t shopped yet for the necessary correct foods, but I am trying to eat more sensible for what we already have in the house while I learn and plan. Still better than how I was eating!

I was honestly never “hungry hungry” the whole day yesterday. Really. I know its only day 2, but I felt so full after dinner for hours! The extra chicken, and no potatoes or bread is amazing! I can’t wait to buy some more veggies!


I exercised with my 2 youngest boys for 15 minutes at the basketball court (12, and 13 years old)

and I played some hoops with my 15 year old after dinner for about 40 minutes. Didn’t meant to go that long, but hes about beating me now, and I have to play while I still can with him lol. (I won 26 to 24 🙂  )

I know the fluctuations will be crazy drinking more water and changing my diet, but I weighed 260 yesterday morning, and this morning I got on at breakfast and I was 255! Its no joke.

I’m also still drinking coffee throughout the day, I just love it for the taste sorry , but I use only a dash of cream.

Day 2, wish me luck!